Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm several days behind on my Bible study work; I wish I could blame it on having a newborn, but technically she is almost 3 months old.

Anyway, we are studying several Psalms, and one of the lessons discusses loss - any kind of loss in life and how we deal with it. I suppose my version of it would be "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Sometimes I question God, as most people do, but in Job, God says "who do you think you are to question me?" (my paraphrasing). Ecclesiastes says let your words be few. And that struck a chord with me. I'm often so quick to just spit something out - not think about it or analyze it before it leaves my lips.

My girlfriend just lost her father unexpectedly, I lost a boyfriend in car accident while I was in high school, and our youth are struggling with an illness within our group. I want the answer to these questions - I want to know "Why". But the Bible says the secret things belong to God. In the final chapter of Daniel, Daniel says I do not understand these things. His vision ends and there is NO explanation.

It is hard in human terms to not get an answer - to trust in the Lord, and lean not on our own understanding. We know nothing compared to the great God we serve. When I'm in these situations I try to remember that God's timing and His plan are always perfect.

These words are hard to swallow; they're hard to share when someone you know is suffering. Sometimes it's best tolet my words be few....

In His grip,


  1. AMEN sister! On letting our words be few....I am working on memorizing that myself.....
    And as far as the questions go - yes, I am thinking I just have to say I don't get it because these sorts of questions are maddening aren't they?

  2. Girl, you don't know how much your words hit home for me. My Dad was diagnosed in May with terminal Multiple Myeloma and has been suffering terribly. I ask myself "Why" every day. What a great idea it is for you to post your thoughts and give comfort and insight to those you love! I will be following along. Love to Al and Olivia.