Friday, July 31, 2009

What kind of car would Jesus buy?

Yesterday, we thought we would venture out and purchase a new car under the governments Cash for Clunkers program. We ended up buying a very practical, more fuel efficient, albeit smaller, car. President Obama is proud of us for stimulating the economy, and Al Gore is proud of us for reducing our carbon footprint. At any rate, we didn't utilize the Cash for Clunkers program due to the mountain of paperwork involved....but that is a story for a different day....

I think we did everything right....we (well, me) researched, researched, and researched some more. I even found a tax deduction for buying a diesel. We ended up with a very nice fuel efficient vehicle. It is candy apple red, and the spouse is loving it! We got a good deal and were completely satisfied with our purchase and the whole experience at the dealership. (note: to save time at a dealership - bring a baby along!!! We were in and out of there in under an hour!!)

As I'm laying in bed last night I wondered what kind of car Jesus would buy. (I know - it is crazy how my brain works!) There are so many choices, sizes, colors and options available I couldn't wrap my brain around what he might purchase. I initially thought he would buy a very small, fuel efficient, non-flashy car. Practical and unassuming were the first thoughts I had. Then, as I began to think how Christ embraced everyone, I thought he would get one of those 15-passenger vans. Definitely not fuel efficient; but think of the room. As Christ walked along the road in the Bible he told people to follow him. Think of the room in that van - so much room to add people as he went down the road. He might even have to trade up to a school bus! Gas wouldn't be an issue, because God always provides and in many different forms. The generous support of his passengers would provide the gas to move the vehicle from location to location.

Obviously, Jesus didn't have to worry about this; but I look at our churches and our daily conduct as a vehicle. A vehicle to show Christ and His love in all we say and do, and to bring others along on the ride.

In His Grip,

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