Monday, October 19, 2009

The O Show had a Show!

Sunday, October 4, The O Show was baptized. Technically, I look at is as a christening/dedication, because I believe she needs to make that choice on her own. But.....the Methodists call it a baptism. It's all semantics to me.
I believe we were all coming together as the Body of Christ to commit to raising her in God's ways.
Family travelled far to attend this momentous occasion for us. To the left is Granny Newkirk, Al and the O Show after the blessed event. Granny travelled from Monroe, Louisiana. Al's sister Debra, her husband, Dwight, and our niece, Alyson travelled from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Melanie, my youngest sister, travelled from Pensacola. Here she is feeding the O Show some sweet potatoes.

My older sister, Stacie, and her husband, Harry, travelled from Las Vegas, Nevada. Here they are at the airport...

Mom and Dad travelled from Pensacola, Florida as well. No pictures - they refuse!! :(

O's Godfather, Tom, also travelled from Pensacola - we were so thankful he made the trip. He and O developed a great bond; although I'm a bit nervous about their relationship. He is threatening to teach her things, that perhaps, in error, I have taught his daughter!! You know, shopping, make-up, handbags, shoes, and the list goes on!!
It was a wonderful time, and I'm so thankful to everyone who travelled. We hosted a small reception at our home for our friends and family. We were so honored to have so many people show their support. We appreciate all of these people who have been a support system to us. We are so blessed to have friends who will be there for us while the O is growing up!
God is so good! Check out her formal pictures at
In His Grip,

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