Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where have I been?

Oh my!! I haven't blogged in two weeks!! I have been busy, busy! I will tell you about my week another day. Right now, I have to share what I've learned from my Bible lesson today....

I suffer from a small amount of anxiety - my brain goes 90 to nothing. I can think of the most bizarre scenarios - frightening, scary, funny, name it. I have learned that satan is the author of this confusion, and I, with the Lord's help, can call him out and cast him down.

So, with the arrival of the O Show, my anxiety levels have gone up a little. Things as simple as help me make sure I dress her warm enough to more complicated issues like kidnapping, losing her, accidents, etc. have crossed my mind more times than I care to share. I am learning to pray the following daily: "Lord, help me not to live in fear of possible dangers, but help me to live in the joy and peace of knowing you are in control."

Tonight, I read Matthew 18- Christ is telling the disciples how precious children are to Him - how He cherishes them, and then in verse 10, the most precious words I have heard now come to life for me...."their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven." My baby has an angel in heaven that is constantly in the presence of the King!! This is almost liberating for me! She is precious to the King of Kings, to the Almighty, our Father! I am going to write these words on my heart - satan can't get a foothold any longer!

In His Grip,


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