Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Miele` or Not....

So, those of you who know me, know that I am an appliance snob....can't help it! I like a nice kitchen, I want it to be functional and practical and I want it to WORK! (ok, looking good helps!).

When we built our second house, I found the German appliance maker, Miele....LOVE it! I bought a dishwasher (THE quietest on the market), a gas cook top and a coffee system (not maker, mind you). Great appliances - and fulfills all the needs of the kitchen. I'll admit they are a little pricey, but I have no problem paying for quality IF it works and lasts forever.

When we moved to NC, I opted for the same appliances - all is great thus far, working on year 3. However, I have now become so accustomed to them, I am pining for a Miele vacuum cleaner...

I have done more research on vacuums than anyone else, except probably the Rainbow sales rep. I am having a hard time choking down the fee it costs to clean my floors; at these prices, the thing should come with a robot to push it around the house.

I'm working a few extra hours this week to begin the vacuum fund; which is kind of slow going, since I only work one day a week! At this rate, the dust, dander, and goodness knows what else will be multiplying on my floors before the thing ever makes it to my doorstep.

My friend, C.J., thinks I'm crazy to spend this kind of money on stuff...and, he's probably right. But, I'm hoping I never have to buy them again. Of course, it doesn't help that he is friend's with Al and they are making fun of me together. I'm using the angle that the BABY needs a clean environment (lol); he's not telling me no, but he is definitely rolling his eyes. This is why I love him - he just lets me do my thing and loves me anyway. Besides, I don't hear Al complaining about his coffee system!

Hmmmmm......little does he know that the Miele washer and dryer are next on my list!! Poor guy.

In His Grip,

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