Saturday, August 1, 2009

All Things Grisham

I am an avid reader - I love to read. I especially love history books and spy-type novels. I am also a John Grisham fan....well, sort of. He has written 22 books, and they have all been excellent. However, I always have a complaint about his endings.

Now, I'm no Pollyanna. I don't expect everything in life to turn out perfect, but COME ON!!!!

Now that I'm staying at home with the O Show, I think I will devote some time to doing something I've always wanted to do. I am going to re-read each book and re-write the last 3 chapters or so of each book. Except for A Time to Kill; that was the one book that was completely great.

It always seems like he likes to leave his characters hanging. They go through a whole book of all these challenges and then BAM! They either fail, don't get it right or just fade away.

Grisham has a way of getting you from the beginning pages. He builds wonderful characters and plots. They often times have exciting adventures that leave you wondering how they get through it. He has an easy way of simplifying legal terms for the average person. And, his choice locations are idyllic.

I always anticipate a new Grisham release.....but there is always that apprehension about the ending. My mother often reads the end of books before she buys them. Maybe I will start doing that with Grisham's books. Nah, that wouldn't be any fun, and besides it is now tradition for me not to like the endings!

I'll never really have time to re-write the endings but it sure is fun to think of all the ways to make it happen!

In His Grip,

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  1. That is funny that your Mom reads the endings before she buys the book.
    I've read a few of Grisham's books but not all of them.
    Can't wait to read your rewrite of the endings. =)