Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Quick Post

Just a quick post today - I've been pondering over the last several days our move to the mountains. Here are some quick thoughts....

We moved in March of 2006 - can't believe it has been 3.5 (wonderful) years!

God took our good family situation and made it better - even by moving us away from our families! I'm more equipped to be a mom, and Al is a great, involved dad.

Al struggled to pass his pharmacy test - the source of our income. But, when he (we) both fully put our trust in Him who provides, he passed. The emotional roller-coaster was terrifying, but ended up to be thrilling!

God always provides a way - even if we don't see it OR don't like it!

The mountains are such a beautiful part of God's creation! Every day I marvel at the differences and beauty of each one. And how the clouds are sometimes LOWER than the mountains. I appreciate each season for their own reasons. The beauty and splendor of it all literally leaves me speechless when I comprehend them.

Blessed Olivia - who would have thought! And me, a stay at home mom. What a great joy! Joy unspeakable!

And, friends - friends dear enough to tell you how it is with love and respect. Friends to laugh, cry, get mad with and share with. To enjoy a cup of coffee (tea for me, please, unless of course it is a Spanish Latte!), a shopping trip to Aville, or a cry session. Friends who love me in spite of my sometimes negative attitude, my outspoken manner, my legalism, and my penchant to interrupt. I love them all.

Thank you to all my friends who have made this one of the best decisions we could have ever made! And, most especially, thanks to our Creator, who led us to this small, quiet, and amazing location!

In His Grip,

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