Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What? It's not about me???

Why is it so hard for me to comprehend that this whole parenting thing isn't about me? my schedule? my wants? or my needs? I KNOW that it is not about me internally, but somehow the message doesn't quite reach my brain!

I'm reading a book by Stormie Omartian on how to become a praying parent....what an eye opening book! I can't make it past chapter 2!! I struggle to give up everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to God. I have to quit trying to make things about me, my life, and my worries, fears and anxieties (and my schedule!).

I'm learning that it is ok, that we don't do the same things at the same time each day, that nap time is totally precious, and that sometimes O just wants to be held, to be held!

I'm learning to be flexible, follow cues, and thank God for EACH moment; even the trying ones....like when I couldn't figure out the poor kid had gas! I would love to know what goes through her brains at times like those!

My prayer today is to learn not to be upset when my schedule and plans don't follow what I think they should; and to learn to turn ALL things over to God in the rearing of this child. He has entrusted her care to us, and we can do it with HIS blessing and help.

In His Grip,

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  1. Hey I have that book. LOVE IT! I also have praying wife and praying woman too....BOTH Great resources.