Sunday, August 16, 2009

46 Chromosomes...

Today's sceince lesson: Did you know it takes 46 chromosomes to make a human??? You receive 23 from each parent. In our family we always joke about what traits we received from each parent. Last year we even made a chart for my parents describing what traits we received from was hysterical. I'll summarize some of the traits I received from each parent - some good.....some not so much!

From my mom:
anxiety and worry (told you some not so good)
good complexion
love of bread and butter
late nights
Love to have my hair played with!
Loud (!!)

From my dad:
lack of patience (ugh!)
It is the principle of the matter
great tans
covert ops

Now, the O Show is only 14 weeks old, but she is already exhibiting her chromosomal we go...

From me:
Hair playing for sure!
lack of patience (especially around feeding time)

From Al:
the only one that matters: THE NEWKIRK SLEEP GENE! Thank you Lord for answering my prayers!!

I am really interested to watch her grow and track her progress in this department. I know it will be fun to see what else she will end up with from us. I am hoping that we can weed out the "bad" genes and pass on the "good" ones!

The Bible says we are "all perfectly and wonderfully made". Who am I to question HIM?

In His Grip,

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  1. Yes, who are we to question HIM?
    And I'm a little jealous! Wish Mr. B would sleep!!!