Monday, August 3, 2009

The High Road

We have been talking a lot about taking the proverbial "High Road" at our home and coincendentally ( or NOT!) in our Bible study group. Did your parents ever tell you to take the "High Road"? Well, in my family the phrase was always "Even turkeys appreciate class".

What exactly is the High Road? And why are we called to take it? We could probably spend hours on the latter.

The High Road is something you say or do to someone who maybe hasn't been so nice to you. The High Road can be simply not saying or responding at all. The High Road can be responding the exact opposite of what one might expect.

But, taking the High Road is not easy....a friend of mine just yesterday asked the following question: "Why is the low road a super highway and the High Road a donkey trail with someone following behind you cracking a whip?" (Thanks DJ - I will forever remember that analgy!) The super highway is the world's way of handling things - watch out for number one. The donkey trail is broken, rough and ragged - but it is a blessing when we respond appropriately.

I recently had a heated disagreement with someone; it wasn't ugly - we just agreed to disagree. But, it left me pretty mad and the more I thought about it the madder I got. Later that day I found out I had extra tickets to an event in town. I think God kept pushing at me until I finally called this person and asked them to join the spouse and I for this fun evening. That is taking the High Road....and let me tell you it was kind of hard at first. It was difficult to choke back some of my emotions and relax. But it was a wonderful evening and it didn't kill me!

As I sat there that night I wondered how many people have taken the High Road with me. How many times have I been difficult to deal with in situations? How many times have I been the "turkey" without even realizing it? Especially in my own family?

The more I ponder this idea, I think it involves more humbleness than most of us are willing to display. Being humble and meek in our world is often equated with being weak. But quite the contrary - it goes back to a previous blog; sometimes I need to let my words be few! Being humble and meek means knowing when to keep your mouth shut and having a healthy respect for those around you. I've tried over the last several days to take the High Road; to not respond to silly issues or argue over minute details. It's hard, but I think with practice it will become more habitual.

I really have NO idea why turkeys would actually NEED to appreciate class, but I think I'll quit worrying about the semantics and just do it!

In His Grip,

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  1. Ahhhh....the high road.
    NOT easy.....nope. NOT AT ALL!!! But definitely, a part of growing closer to God, though isn't it?
    I think you take the high road a lot though! May be why we got to go to the Outdoor Drama with you all ;)
    Hope you are having a good Tuesday--Talk to you soon!