Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chocolate Sweet Cake and other Foods that Bring Good Memories

Last night I made Chocolate Sweet Cake - just like it sounds, it is extremely sweet! This and several other recipes bring back fond memories. Do you have any foods like that?

Chocolate Sweet Cake: A very dear lady at our former church in Florida used to make Chocolate Sweet Cake for our Wednesday night dinners. Now, I am not a huge chocolate lover, but this stuff is amazing. She sent me the recipe and it has been a favorite ever since. Last night while I was licking the bowl, um, I mean eating a piece, I was reminded of all the great friends from our former church. They were all a blessing and I miss them terribly.

Home made macaroni and cheese: Now, I am a true pasta lover, and over the years have tried many different recipes. But again, a lady friend from our former church shared a recipe - it could compete with Paula Deen - lots of butter!! Heavy cream! and about 4 pounds of cheese. Ok, not really, but lots!! I've experimented with several different types of cheese, and it is always DEEEELISH! Again, fond memories of Wednesday night dinners and good friends.

Grand Girl's Apple Cake: Let's face it, Paula Deen has the market on butter and sugar. This recipe has so much butter and sugar that it is not funny. But, somehow, it all comes together in this super-moist, super-sweet delight of an apple cake. The secret ingredient is orange juice!! (Imagine - more sugar!). I love making it around the Christmas holiday and sharing it with our friends.

Poppy Seed Bread: My Baba (Russian for grandmother) used to make this every Christmas. It was a staple for the holidays. I didn't like it as a girl, but now I love it. My sister and I have made it several times, and we always laugh about our Baba.

Lasagna: My all-time favorite. My italian grandmother started the tradition...Sundays at her house with so much food you wouldn't believe me if I told you!Over the years the recipe has been perfected, and I now have my own version of sauce - a combination of the old recipe, my mom's, my friend Jo Ann, and my own touch. My god-child, Megan, and I always make plasagna when we are together!

I love thinking about these times! Great memories are made in our kitchens.

Time for some chocolate sweet cake!

In His Grip,

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